I got a new server, got a good deal through Hetzner’s server auctions. They offer old hardware they set up for other people for cheap so I got a server that is a bit more powerful than my old VPSes. I set up The Lounge as a self-hosted replacement for IRC Cloud and I’m pretty happy with it. I still love IRC what can I say? I’m also going to set up my own Matrix homeserver again and I’m also using it as a seedbox to get my ratio up.

I’ve been wanting to set up more services like this but my VPSes couldn’t really handle all of them and I hadn’t had the time to migrate what I did have set up but I was on vacation last week so I decided to finally pull the trigger.

I have some ideas for projects to work on and I’d like to post more about them here eventually. I’m not the most prolific blogger out there, obviously, but occasionally I do like to. I’d like to be more a part of the larger developer “scene”.

Anyways just kind of an update, hopefully I’ll have more to post soon. Follow me on Twitter!